Newsletter – November 14, 2014

Bi-Weekly Announcements 11-14-14

Vehicle Maintenance Information

Metro Magazine Article: Preventing Bus Fires (Oct. 2014) (Website)
Easter Seals: Lifts, Ramps & Securements: Common Issues & Best Practice Solutions (10/29) (PDF)
To listen to the play-back recording, click on this link (download blackboard playback).
RMTD: Vehicle Maintenance Workshop Preventative Maintenance (PMI) Sheets (2013) – Thanks to RTAC & Dan Engelkes from Rockford MTD!

International SMD PMI Sheet (Excel)
Chevy SMD PMI Sheet (Excel)
Ford Areo PMI Sheet (Excel)
Braun Wheelchair Lift PMI Sheet (PDF)
Ricon Wheelchair Lift PMI Sheet (PDF)

Meeting Reminder, & Statewide Calendar Update

Meeting Reminder: HSTP Region 8 December 11th at 10 a.m.
Location: Developmental Services Center (DSC) Building
1304 West Bradley Avenue, Champaign, IL 61821
PCOM Webinar Materials (11/13) (PowerPoint)

Transportation Plan Template (Word)
Webinar Recording (YouTube)
Call Summary (PDF)- Next PCOM Webinar will be in January.
Marketing Plan Checklist (Word): described on the call.
Public Transportation Service Plan Presentation (PowerPoint)
Statewide RTAC & HSTP Event Calendar (11/10) (PDF)

Weekly this is updated by RTAC’s Carol Montague.

Transportation Newsletters

SURTC Oct. 2014 ReportEvaluating the State of Mobility Management & Human Service Transportation Coordination(Website)

USDOT: Private Sector Participation Provisions of MAP-21 Online Dialogue (Ending 11/26) (Website)

RTAP: National Rural Technical Assistance Program eNews (11/3) (RTAP Website)

CTAA: CT Fast Mail Newsletter (11/3) (Website)

RTAP: National Rural Technical Assistance Program eNews (11/13) (Website)

  • 101 ADA Customer Service & Compliance for Rural Transit Operators (12/10, 1:30 p.m. CST) (Registration link)
  • ADA Proposed Circular Amendment 2 available for review. Comment by January 12, 2015.

IDOT Press ReleaseVehicle Crashes Involving Deer Still Declining (11/12) (PDF)

Still Stay Alert! Approximately 40-50% of all accidents involving deer in a typical year occur during the months of October, November, and December: with November being the highest-risk month.
United AccessNovember Newsletter (11/12) (PDF)

Community Events & Info

IEMA’s Press Release – Winter Weather Preparedness Month (Word)

Norris Newsletter (Nov. 2014)
A list of new and ongoing funding opportunities through foundation grants.

University of Illinois Extension NewsletterNovember is Diabetes Awareness Month (PDF)

Age Options  – Fraud Alert Newsletter (11/7)(PDF)

IEMA HandoutEbola Quick-Reference for Law Enforcement (PDF)