Newsletter – March 1, 2018

Federal Transportation News Update:

Transportation for America — Trump’s proposed infrastructure plan (2/21/2018)

“Zero dollars. That’s the actual amount of investment in transportation and infrastructure contained in President Trump’s long-awaited “infrastructure plan” announced last week.

Zero dollars to improve economic competitiveness. Zero dollars to create new, better connections within our communities. Zero dollars to help visionary local leaders realize their ambitious plans for addressing our transportation challenges.

The Transportation for America four-point plan for solving our infrastructure problem is simple: provide real federal funding; fix our existing infrastructure first; then build smart, new projects; and measure success.”

Implications for this proposal:

Here’s a New York Times article regarding the impact this proposed plan would have on the transportation and transportation providers:

The potential impact of this plan could seriously harm transportation across America. For example, President Trump wishes to seek funding outside of the federal government, placing burden on states and local entities. This opens up greater potential for private businesses to step in, while government oversight steps out. Another issue arises when businesses do not see big profits in projects such as rural and urban area transit that serves those with low-income, individuals with disabilities, and elderly individuals. However, Congress does not seem on board with this plan, and they are the ones who allocate the appropriations, after all.


SFY 2019 Grant Applications

Changes from the SFY18 Application

  • Downloadable document from IDOT website (Not being emailed out this year)
  • IDOT has a video instructing on how to fill out the Uniform Budget
  • Application section order has been switched up
    • Intercity Bus Capital/Operating Assistance Requests and Project Cost & Revenue Proposal are flip flopped
  • Not included this year
    • Quarterly reports, request for payments forms, reconciliation forms, year ending reports, etc. will become available on the Transit Section of the IDOT website prior to the start of the fiscal year, and you will be notified when they become available.
  • Completed applications are required to be uploaded (submitted) to the SharePoint site no later than April 1, 2018.
  • SFY19 Grantees are required to register with GATU via the GATA registration portal and complete all pre-award requirements.

IDOT SharePoint

  • Emailed to the grantee once they are a registered user.
    • Go to link provided in email from IDOT
    • All Grantees whom have an Illinois driver’s license will use the link provided above to create their ID through DoIT. Once on the site use the link labeled “Create Account” to create a user ID.
      • Maximum of three users for their account. For 5311 recipients, one of the users must be the PCOM.
    • If a Grantee does not have an Illinois driver’s license, they will need to email Cathy Thrailkill at so that she may assist in creating the IDOT ID.


29th Annual Rural Transit Assistance Center (RTAC) Spring Conference

Northfield Center, 3280 Northfield Drive, Springfield, IL

Dates: Tuesday, April 3rd @ 8am to Wednesday, April 4th @ noon



RTAC Training for March:

Thursday, March 29 – Emergency Procedures

Coles County Council on Aging

11021 ECR 800 N, Charleston, IL 61920

Contact: Brian Peterlich       217-639-5159 /

2 classes: 10:30am-noon and 1:15pm-2:45pm


New HSTP Coordinator for Region 8

Kristen Gisondi (MPA) is a Transportation Planner at the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC), who has worked with topics regarding project management/implementation and, state, federal, & local law, particularly with environmental policy. Kristen is the Program Compliance Oversight Monitor (PCOM) for the Champaign County Area Rural Transit System (C-CARTS) and took on the role of HSTP Coordinator on January 16th, 2018.

Kristen grew up in Orlando, Florida until she moved to Charleston, Illinois in 2002, which is where she currently lives. Kristen attended Eastern Illinois University, where she earned degrees in Political Science and Public Administration. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading practically anything, journaling, and snuggling with her Border collie, Skye.

Kristen looks forward to working with you in providing essential transportation services to the resident of Region 8!

217-531-8285 /

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