Stakeholder Contact Tool

 Please use the resources below to contact the selected stakeholder groups. You can print this page for future reference.

Public Transit

Local Public Transit Systems

Tranpro Statewide Public Provider directory website to search by county, or check phonebook, or Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages online. Make sure to include both Urban and Rural providers in the surround area.

Regional Coordinators

Tranpro Statewide Public Provider directory website to search by region for IL Human Service Transportation Plan (HSTP) Coordinators

IDOT Staff

IL Department of Transportation (IDOT) website’s Division of Public and Intermodal Transportation (DPIT), right-hand side has specific programs and contacts listed

Private Transportation

Taxi Companies / Private Shuttles

Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages online or phone book

Charter / Intercity Buses

Use Greyhound, phone book or Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages online

Rail Systems

Use Amtrak website

Regional & National Airports

Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages online or phone book

Medical Services

Medicaid Transit Providers

The state broker for Illinois is First Transit.  For approval go to their website or call 866-503-9040 or TTY 800-526-0844 – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. M – F.

County & City Health Departments

County Health Department or IL Department of Human Services websites

Emergency Medical Transportation Providers

Note all public providers are automatically ADA certified. If looking for a specific medical van contact Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) registration offices to see ADA certified providers.

Air Medical Service Providers

If looking for specific provider of a rural area go to Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) or Atlas & Database of Medical Services (ADAMS) websites.

Doctor’s Offices & Clinics / Dental Offices

Check with County Health Department representatives as they are familiar with common locations, or check phonebook and Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages online.

Area Hospitals

American Hospital Directory (AHD) local listings website

Mental Health & Counseling Offices / Rehabilitation Centers/Psychiatric Hospitals

IL Department of Human Services office locator website

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator website, search by address

American Red Cross Centers

Call County Health Department or check their service directory website, and/or check phonebook and Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages online


Adult Day Services

Services provided:

  • Nutrition Programs (Meals on Wheels)
  • Area Agencies on Aging Offices & Programs
  • In-home Offices & Programs
  • Elder Abuse Agencies

Search by county with the Eldercare Locator on IL Department on Aging website or call: 800-447-4278 or TTY 888-206-1327

Retirement and Civic Centers

Retirenet for IL Directory for Retirement Communities or find resources with the National Association of Are Agencies on Aging. Note many nursing homes are private; there are not many extensive directories. This is easier to navigate than the Eldercare Locator.

Nursing Homes / Hospice Care Programs

Aging Services Network Eldercare website or call 800-677-1116

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People with Disabilities

Centers for Independent Living (CIL)

IL CIL Network website 

Easter Seals of Illinois Offices & Programs

Assistance for education of all children with disabilities. Find a local office on the office locator website.

Developmental / Rehabilitation Centers

County Health Department or IL Department of Human Services website

Provides additional resources for the following

  • Area of Special Education Offices
  • Developmental Disabilities Centers & Programs
  • Department of Rehabilitative Services
  • Residential Schools
  • Local Human Resource Centers (HRC)

Religious Community Groups

National Volunteer Caregiving Network Programs

National Volunteer Caregiving Network website to find a program

Religious Social Service Agencies

Check with Community Action Agency for programs in area, or contact religious leaders directly 

Churches / Mosques / Synagogues / Etc.

IL Christian Churches Directory (search by state), and/or Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages websites to find all churches mosques and/or synagogues. Check local community directory to make sure the list has up-to-date contact information.

Government Agencies, Staff, & Elected Officials

County Government Buildings

Check county’s website, if they exist they will be listed on IL Courts website which you can search by county (left hand side bar). Make sure to get a copy of the county board meetings and subcommittees.

Federal Representatives/State Representatives

IL Board of Elections’ District/Official Search (by district, official, address, or zip) for federal and state level positions; note election cycles and transit subcommittees

County Representatives

Check county’s website (IL Courts website on left hand side), or check local libraries or newspapers. Take note of election cycles and transit subcommittees.

Township Representatives

To find municipalities (villages, towns, cities) and local governments go to Census website. Note election cycles in order to keep up to date contacts. Also, IL Township Officials website has an interactive map for townships for quick county reference.

Regional Planning Commissions / Council of Governments / Metropolitan Planning Organizations

All of Illinois is covered by one of these planning organizations. Check planning organization websites


State or County Attorney

IL Attorney General website; for county Attorney General check county’s website or call courthouse

Legal Aid Programs

Check on local TASC (Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities) services or statewide Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance

Domestic Violence Centers

Check courthouse or County Health Department website 

Court & Probation Services

Check county’s website (IL Courts directory on left hand side) and/or sheriff’s office, typically all court and probation services are conducted by local sheriff’s office. For federal probation, check regional website

State & Local Law Enforcement Agencies

IL State Police website to find local Highway Patrol branch, check county, city, or court websites to find local law enforcement agency.

Local & Federal Prisons

Check Federal Bureau of Prisons’ or county’s websites.

Community Service Agencies & Volunteer Groups

Food Pantries

County Health Department or IL Department of Human Services website  

Homeless Shelters

IL Homeless Shelters and Soup Kitchens Directory (only starting point, need to check with local groups as program funding is inconsistent)

Community Action Agencies & Programs

IL Association of Community Action Agencies’ map website

United Way

United Way of IL website or call 211 to locate branches

YMCA/YWCA Offices & Programs

National YMCA website to search by zip code (Commonly known in the community)

Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

IL Senior Corps website for all Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) programs

4-H Club Programs

Groups are headed by University of Illinois Extension Offices; find local branches on 4-H Club Programs website 

Other Community Service Groups

Check public forums, newspapers, libraries, and religious groups to find local volunteer groups

Community Leaders

Check newspapers and board memberships of local organizations, many times the same people will sit on numerous boards and hold leadership roles across numerous service organizations

Salvation Army Offices

National Salvation Army website for local branches

Illinois Municipal League

Check for regional contacts by visiting the Illinois Municipal Leauge website or calling 217-525-1220


County Housing Authority Offices

IL Housing Development Authority website, at bottom of the page, then select “Public Housing Authorities” tab to search county


Resources for the following:

  • Regional Veterans Affairs (VA) Offices
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Local Offices, Branches, or American Legions

IL Department of Veterans Affairs’ Google Map, see link in column (home: or call 312-814-2460. For a list of VA Hospitals and Healthcare Centers go to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ website 

Veterans’ Employment & Training Services

US Department of Labor or Illinois Department of Employment Security workshop listing websites

Veterans Assistance Commission (VAC)

The Illinois Association of Veterans Assistance Commissions provides a catalog of contacts providing assistance for veterans. Additionally, a good contact for community volunteers as well.



IL Board of Education website with Excel sheets of pre-schools for kids 5 years old and younger

Head Start Programs

IL Head Start website under Find Head Start Program.

K-12 Private & Public Schools / School District Offices / Regional Office of Education

IL Board of Education website has Excel sheets of public and private school districts grades K-12

Colleges / Universities / Community Colleges

IL Government website, under colleges and universities, check to see if university-only transit


Literacy Information Directory website allows to search for programs locally. Additionally, IL has Secretary of Literacy website with reports that includes a directory on programs, registration for adult learners, or call their hotline 800-321-9511

Literacy Groups

Literacy Information Directory website allows to search for programs locally. Additionally, IL has Secretary of Literacy website with reports that includes a directory on programs, registration for adult learners, or call their hotline 800-321-9511

English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

Check with local universities, colleges, training centers, and local schools for specific programs and classes offered. Additionally, for local adult programs check Literacy Information Directory website

University of Illinois Extension Offices

University Extension Office website to locate county branches

Charter Schools

Check Illinois Network of Charter Schools. Their website provides a catalog charter schools throughout the state of Illinois

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Employment, Vocational Training, & Workforce Development Centers

IL Workforce Development System or IL Job Seeker websites IL Department of Employment Security Office/Work Net Center website

Unemployment Offices

Illinois Department of Employment Security’s website allows the visitor to search for unemployment offices by zip code, or call their hotline 800-244-5631or TTY 866-322-8357

Business & Recreation

Small Business Associations

Business associations, Local/Regional Chamber of Commerce, or local economic development websites.

Manufacturing Centers

Business associations or Chamber of Commerce


IL Association of Realtors website 

Large Regional Employers

Business associations, Local/Regional Chamber of Commerce, or IL Department of Labor


Local lender website, search by county


Refugee Centers

IL Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights website looking under Our Partners or call directly

Minority businesses

Check for a community minority business directory on county or economic development websites


Local TV News Networks

Numerous news outlets and programs are owned and distributed nationally; look for local and regional affiliate stations like PBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. Note that these can cross state borders

Local Newspapers & Newsletters

Check local libraries or Yahoo Local/Yellow Pages websites, and/or phonebook. Check local churches, community groups, coalitions and other groups

Local Radio Stations

Numerous news outlets and programs are distributed nationally, look for local and regional affiliate stations like NPR. Note these can cross state borders, often found at colleges and universities, and can be outdated quickly

Professional & Social Networking Groups

Check membership organizations or groups, Rotary Clubs, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Local Websites

Check county (IL Courts directory on left hand side) and township websites as well as any local directories